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Learn how to gain the calm confidence you’ve sought.

What is 'zen'?

Japanese female life coach Kiyomi

Zen is a state of being with 3 C's--Clarity, Confidence, and Calm.


In your daily life, you have all kinds of thoughts and inner voices. How do you listen to them? Do you push them away? Are you ruminating on a certain thought? How do you manage frustration and stress? Do you feel like you are going in circles in your life? Have you found that a nature walk or meditation gives you relief but not a solution?

You don't need to stay in the confusion any longer. There are tools for you to gain clarity, confidence, and calm. With these skills, you don't need to hide in a cave; you don't have to pretend that the nagging voice calling for your true desires doesn't exist. You think you are realistic but you may be trapped in your familiar views. Coaching sessions provide a safe space for you to learn to apply these skills to gain clarity and calm confidence and thrive even further.

Life Coaching by Kiyomi Koike, a certified life coach, integrates a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach with metacognition training—both scientifically proven to enhance problem-solving and decision-making skills, all while promoting mental health.

Coaching sessions can be held at either 1) Kominka, a modern rustic Japanese farmhouse located in Enterprise, Oregon, or 2) via Zoom.

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learn to create calm confidence
as your wellness routine

Hey there!

I'm Kiyomi, a multi-faceted individual passionate about enhancing your life as the founder of SEI MEE TEA® and Kominka Life Coaching & Retreat. My journey isn't just about green tea education – it's about transformation and empowerment to help you thrive.

Guess what? I'm on a mission dedicated to your well-being, aiming to enrich your life.

Let me help you if you can relate to either of the following stories:

  • You've overcome major challenges in life, like serious illness or divorce, and while you may be content with your life, you have a nagging feeling that it could be better.

  • You are educated and skilled – resilient and resourceful – but you feel like you're facing a massive wall and not going anywhere.

Dear friends, life is too precious to be merely managed. It's time to give your true desires space to thrive, embrace your untapped potential, and create a life that fills you with more joy.

Just as you learn to feed your body with healthy foods, learn to navigate your challenges with clarity and guide yourself to a better life with calm confidence.

These skills are worth learning to experience a richer, more fulfilling life. You'll be surprised by the results you create.

I offer a free 30-minute consultation. Looking forward to connecting,


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About Kominka Life Coaching

Kominka Life Coaching provides you with a safe space for your self-discovery, self-expression, and self-reconnection. Using a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach, you'll develop skills to cultivate clarity, confidence, and calm. The tools and skills you'll learn from coaching will change your life naturally and profoundly. 

Massive beams of Kominka

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Building kominka

About zen house Kominka

Zen House Kominka is a modern-rustic Japanese-style house surrounded by stunning mountain views in Oregon. The Kominka is being built for you to experience a life-changing getaway with dynamic natural beauty & Zen. 

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