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Welcome to Kominka Life Coaching & Retreat, the destination for the inner peace and empowerment that you’ve been looking for.

Kominka Stay & Coaching

Japanese female life coach Kiyomi

Life can truly be overwhelming, especially when facing challenges like surviving cancer or abuse. If you're still on the journey to manage fear and anxiety, know that you're not alone.


Just like you, I've navigated through life's complexities – supporting my husband through cancer and building a thriving tea business while raising my wonderful kids. These experiences have shown me the incredible impact of mentorship, and that's why I've become a certified Life Coach.

In the midst of busy schedules and the demands of being a wife, mom, and daughter, it's often tough to prioritize yourself. That's why we offer accessible online life coaching and transformative retreats at a Kominka in Northeastern Oregon. Picture yourself with newfound clarity and inner peace. With these tools, you'll not only overcome obstacles but also manifest the results you've been longing for. It's about more than just surviving; it's about truly thriving.

Climb the ladder to the next level of well-being. Become your authentic self and turn this difficult time around into an opportunity for you to cultivate inner peace that lasts for the rest of your life.

Initial Consultation for Life Coaching

Stay at Zen House Kominka for an Unforgettable Vacation 

Find your Inner Peace & Freedom

Hey there!

I'm Kiyomi, a multi-faceted soul who's passionate about entrepreneurship, life coaching, and the fascinating world of tea. Like you, life's thrown some interesting challenges my way – supporting my husband through cancer and hustling to build a successful tea business while raising my two amazing children. These moments really made me realize how mentorship can transform everything. That's why I'm now a certified Life Coach.

Guess what? I'm on a mission, and it's all about helping you find your true self in this crazy whirlwind we call life. (Oh, and "Kominka" in the name, "Kominka Life Coaching," stands for living authentically to me because I'm originally from Japan – you can dig deeper about Kominka here if you're curious.)

Here's the thing: I'm on a mission to help you live a life as your authentic self in the midst of life's chaos. We'll talk about a simple skill that kicks fear and anxiety to the curb, empowering you with confidence and clarity. No complications, I promise.

This skill? It's the very one that turned my life around. Check out my story right here. I genuinely believe that by embracing this skill, your life can take a remarkable new direction. Ready to embark on a journey of simplicity and authenticity? Let's go from managing to truly thriving.

Looking forward to connecting,



find your ZEN 

Wake up to a 360 degree magnificent mountain view.

Rediscover your soul & reconnect with yourself in the serene open nature.

Dissolve stress by gazing at the starry sky.

Imagine yourself becoming a part of the energy of the universe.

Feel Zen at a beautiful traditional Japanese style home.

Zen House Kominka is a modern-rustic Japanese-style house surrounded by a stunning mountain view in Oregon.

The Kominka is being built for you to experience a life changing getaway with dynamic natural beauty & Zen. 

Book a memorable Japanese Tea Ceremony now. Staying in Kominka will become available in fall 2023. If you are interested in staying overnight, please contact us.

Massive beams of Kominka

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Building kominka

About zen house Kominka

Zen House Kominka is a modern-rustic Japanese-style house surrounded by stunning mountain views in Oregon. The Kominka is being built for you to experience a life-changing getaway with dynamic natural beauty & Zen. 

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About Kominka Life Coaching

Kominka Life Coaching provides a space and skills for self-discovery, self-expression, and self-reconnection. You will learn how to reduce stress and gain serenity by developing simple skills, not by adding more complexity to your life.

Learn the skills to navigate life from a place of greater clarity, and inner serenity to live the life you love. 

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