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Wallowa Mountains


Welcome to Kominka Life Coaching & Retreat, the destination to unlock your full potential with calm confidence that you’ve been looking for.

Kominka Stay & Coaching

Japanese female life coach Kiyomi

Life Coaching by Kiyomi Koike, a certified life coach, integrates a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach with metacognition training—both scientifically proven to enhance problem-solving and decision-making skills, all while promoting mental health.

Coaching sessions can be held at either 1) a modern rustic Japanese farmhouse located in Enterprise, Oregon, or 2) via Zoom.


Click here to learn more about Kominka, which is also available for your 'self-retreat' or as an unforgettable vacation destination.

Initial Consultation for Life Coaching

Stay at Zen House Kominka for an Unforgettable Vacation 

unlock your potential with calm confidence

Hey there!

I'm Kiyomi, a multi-faceted soul who's passionate about entrepreneurship as the founder of SEI MEE TEA® as well as Kominka Life Coaching. My journey is not just about tea and a change in career – it's about transformation, empowerment, and the potential that lies within each of you.

Guess what? I'm on a mission, and it's all about helping you flourish as true you. (Oh, and "Kominka" in the name, "Kominka Life Coaching," means 'living authentically' to me because I'm originally from Japan – you can dig deeper about Kominka here if you're curious.)

Do you trust yourself but sometimes self-doubt gets in your way? Do you believe in yourself and aspire to leave a legacy in this world, but you could use some help to unlock your potential further? Have you been yearning for a mentor trained to bring out the best in you?

Dear friends, life is too precious to be merely managed. It's time to recognize your true desires, embrace your untapped potential, and create a life that fills you with joy and fulfillment. Just as we learn what to feed our bodies with healthy foods, it's time for us to learn simple skills on how to unlock our potentials. I offer a free 30 minute consultation. Let's talk about the future that is available for you.

Looking forward to connecting,



find your ZEN 

Wake up to a 360 degree magnificent mountain view.

Rediscover your soul & reconnect with yourself in the serene open nature.

Dissolve stress by gazing at the starry sky.

Imagine yourself becoming a part of the energy of the universe.

Feel Zen at a beautiful traditional Japanese style home.

Zen House Kominka is a modern-rustic Japanese-style house surrounded by a stunning mountain view in Oregon.

The Kominka is being built for you to experience a life changing getaway with dynamic natural beauty & Zen. 

Massive beams of Kominka

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Building kominka

About zen house Kominka

Zen House Kominka is a modern-rustic Japanese-style house surrounded by stunning mountain views in Oregon. The Kominka is being built for you to experience a life-changing getaway with dynamic natural beauty & Zen. 

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About Kominka Life Coaching

Kominka Life Coaching provides guidance for your self-discovery, self-expression, and self-reconnection, emphasizing the cultivation of metacognitive abilities. Through this process, you'll develop skills to optimize your strength and unlock your potential. Mastering these newfound abilities, you'll courageously face life's challenges with greater clarity and achieve your goals.

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