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Gain Clarity, Confidence & Calm with Coaching

Embark on your transformative journey with a complimentary discovery session. Or, treat yourself to the 5-session package to learn a new set of skills for you to realize your full potential.

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What is 
a Life Coach?

Kiyomi believes in science and integrates a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach with metacognition training—both proven to cultivate metacognitive strength.

The simple skills of applying intentional reflection to your own thoughts, feelings, and actions open up your potential even more. Despite their simplicity, these skills haven't been taught in an organized way.

The benefits include increasing creativity, fostering proactive decision-making, maintaining a strong drive, all while promoting mental health.

With Kiyomi's life coaching, you'll acquire these skills to strengthen metacognitive abilities, including increasing awareness, monitoring your thoughts and feelings, and taking control of all aspects of your life.

Here's how your journey will look like:

"It's been 6 months since I completed the sessions to build self-confidence. I'm doing well and have a good frame of mind to step back, give myself grace and try new things."

Crystal K., WA

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