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Stay at Zen House Kominka

Discover the timeless charm of Kominka - a traditional Japanese house infused with history and culture. Immerse yourself in a world of rustic beauty and modern comfort as you enjoy your vacation. Embrace the serenity of Japan's architectural heritage and create cherished memories in this elegantly preserved dwelling.


It started in April of 2023...

A 90-year-old reclaimed traditional Japanese Kominka folkhouse was disassembled and crossed the ocean, and is now being rebuilt in Oregon.


Kominka are traditional Japanese houses built with historical architectural styles and cultural values. They are often found in rural areas and historic neighborhoods in Japan. 


Kominka's post-and-beam construction represents a traditional Japanese building technique, encompassing ancient wisdom and meticulous craftsmanship, forming an essential part of Japan's architectural heritage.


Stay at our Kominka and experience the way of life and cultural values of Japan. Feel rejuvenated with its mindful simplicity, the Japanese aesthetics that Kominka offers.

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KOMINKA, [ko-min-kah] is an authentic Japanese folk house. A 90 year old Kominka gets its second life after it was disassembled in Japan and then brought to Enterprise, Oregon.


An amazing collaboration with Kominka Collective made possible this remarkable, historic construction in the rugged and scenic countryside of the northeast corner of Oregon. The Kominka Collective's mission is to save old Japanese folk houses while preserving and passing on traditional carpentry methods. 

Watch how Zen House Kominka was built blending the traditional Japanese carpentry and western building methods.

Videos: © 2024 Kominka Collective 

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Bedroom: Immerse yourself in the authentic Japanese Kominka experience: As you lie down on a comfortable bed, the presence of dynamic wooden beams envelops you, connecting you with the universe. Experience a tranquil embrace that guides you into a profound slumber, cocooned in a soothing hush or the joyful symphony of insects and whispers of the wind. 

Kitchen/Dining room: Indulge in the luxury of bountiful sunlight streaming through expansive windows, accompanied by breathtaking mountain vistas during breakfast. The efficient and user-friendly kitchen optimizes your time and effort, granting you a leisurely start to your day.

Bathroom: Embrace the true essence of Japanese traditional bathing of 'Ofuro' tradition. Discover solace as you wash away the cares of the day seated on an authentic Hinoki cypress stool. Recharge in a deep bathtub, watching your stress melt away against the backdrop of the breathtaking Wallowa Mountains.

'Tea room': Step into our cherished 'tea room,' a haven reserved for the sacred practice of Japanese tea ceremonies or private coaching sessions. On its serene tatami mats, embrace tranquility as your breath naturally slows and deepens. This captivating space provides an ideal sanctuary for nurturing creative projects and sparking moments of inspiration.


Welcome to the world of Kominka, where the essence of Japanese craftsmanship and natural materials unite to create a truly remarkable living experience. These traditional Japanese houses are constructed using techniques passed down through generations of skilled artisan carpenters, utilizing exquisite vintage beams that serve as a defining characteristic of Kominka's aesthetic. The photo displayed captures the essence of these magnificent beams, symbolizing the perfect harmony between dynamic energy and intricate details that Kominka embodies.

Stepping into a Kominka, you will instantly feel a sense of rejuvenation in this unique space. Our Kominka seamlessly blends the solidity of tradition with the convenience of modern living.


Every corner of a Kominka showcases exceptional attention to detail, meticulously executed by Japanese professional designers and artisan carpenters who infuse their expertise into every aspect of the building.

To truly grasp the essence of Kominka, we invite you to visit our Zen House Kominka, where you can delve deeper into the captivating world of these extraordinary Japanese homes.


Discover the unparalleled charm, tranquility, and sophistication that await within the walls of a Kominka, and let yourself be inspired by the timeless beauty and cultural heritage that permeate these architectural masterpieces.

Fueled by pandemic, Japan rediscovers allure of old houses

Wooden 'kominka' are beautiful and cheap, but restoration costs can be high

written by Alex Kerr for Nikkei Asia

Experience Ultimate Serenity

The Japanese Tea Ceremony at Zen House Kominka

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of authentic tea ceremonies, where ancient rituals unite with the art of mindfulness.

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serene pine trees
“Thank you so much for a beautiful experience. I truly felt so honored and brought to tears several times. To watch the detail and presence in each little moment brought tingles to my body. Such grace, beauty, and tranquility."

Tera, OR

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