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Petals of Purpose

Today, I'd like to share one of my favorite Japanese sayings:

梅花開五葉 (Bye-kah-go-yo-o-hee-rah-koo)

That means "the plum flower within the heart is in full bloom:

The plum blossom is one of the first flowers to bloom after winter, symbolizing the arrival of spring and new beginnings in Japanese culture.

The five petals represent the five meanings of life.


Please take a moment to consider your purpose in life. What would you put on each of the five petals? Picture these petals as facets of a purposeful life, each one contributing to the vibrant bloom within your heart.

Family, friends, work, success, status, honor, dreams, effort, challenges,

Beliefs, justice, love, hope, courage, kindness, humor, …


For intangible goals, how do you define the goals?

Do your aspirations involve tangible gains like wealth or possessions? If so, reflect on the harmony between your desires and your values. Are you 100% positive, or do you carry a hint of guilt? Acknowledging and understanding these feelings is a crucial step in your journey.


Contemplate how you approach unfolding events and circumstances. Does the process bring you joy and happiness?

How about the negative emotions you would feel, such as anxiety, worries and uncertainties? Are they worth going through? What feelings are you willing to endure to pursue them?


We live all different lives and purpose of life. But one thing is common: our life is a continuous process of becoming.

Take a moment to envision your future self—who you want to be—how does that person live, and how did they navigate the path?


You might say, “I’ve been searching for the purpose.” If you find yourself feeling lost in the search for purpose, I’ve been there and done that. And I’d like to share what helped me so you’d consider for yourself: you don't find meanings; you create them. Decide your meanings, and they will manifest before you.


As you set goals for the year, let's talk to your within. Think not only about what you want to achieve but who you want to become. How do you care for your desires? How do you empower yourself, and nurture the first petal of your inner garden?


Each one of the petals represents the values that color your life. What is the first petal of your five petals within you? How do you tend to it, and what does it need to flourish?

I'm here as a guide for your introspective journey. If you are curious how you can make this year more special, please feel free to take a free consultation with me.

To your blossoming journey,




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